Case Studies in Cardiothoracic Medicine

By Borgeat, Kieran;Salgüero Fernández, Raquel, Published: 2021, FileType: PDF

Clinical cases in cardiothoracic medicine

This book covers an extensive range of real-life patient journeys, using gold standard imaging techniques and in-depth discussion around treatment and patient outcomes. These case studies will allow readers to improve their general cardiorespiratory knowledge, learn the value of basic echocardiographic measurements, and see what cutting-edge treatments are possible for a range of disorders.

Learning from a case helps to contextualise complex information and provides authenticity to the experience. As learners, if we put our minds in the position they will be in when we need the information—the clinic environment, in front of a panel of blood results, for example—then we will be better able to recall the information we need when we need it. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 14th Edition

Learning from the story of the animal itself will maximise the chances that we will be able to bring benefit to our own patients in the future. This is the aim which underpins our whole job as veterinarians.

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