Cardiac arrhythmias in cats and dogs

250 commented clinical cases
Luiz Henrique Filippi, Maurício Gianfrancesco Filippi, María Isabel Dolores Ayala

Cardiac arrhythmias in cats and dogs

Cardiac arrhythmias in cats and dogs PDF, In the description of this excellent new book the authors express a goal to assist the reader to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias and even train their ability to analyze the tracings that may appear in daily practice. The latter part of this sentence is so important to me.

From the same author of “Electrocardiogram in veterinary medicine”, this book presents cardiac arrhythmias in the format of illustrated and commented clinical cases so that clinicians, anesthetists, interventionists or cardiologists may be assisted to diagnose them, and even train their ability to analyze the tracings that may appear in daily practice; and all the more so, because arrhythmias may arise in associations or often, be accompanied by other findings that suggest heart diseases (such as chamber enlargement) or extra-cardiac diseases (such as pneumonias, for instance).

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Both synthetic and didactic, the book includes 250 selected cases, accompanied by a brief history of the patients, and even with data from clinical examinations and ancillary tests, when available. In the page following each presented case, the findings belonging to every tracing are commented. This Q&A format has the goal of leading the reader to think, practice and rationalize simultaneously about EKG, a test that provides so much information.

With a friendly outline and easy to consult, this volume is supported by the use of visual indications in the figures (arrows, asterisks, lines, and so on), with the aim of drawing the reader’s attention to the most significant points in each tracing, thus highlighting the electrocardiographic findings.

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