Canine Infectious Diseases PDF, Self-Assessment Color Review (2018)

Canine Infectious Diseases pdf:  Infectious Diseases are very common in companion animals and the dog is at the forefront of emerging and newly discovered infections. Dogs also have been implicated in zoonoses and the spread of infections to and from wildlife.

Canine Infectious Diseases PDF, Self-Assessment Color Review (2018)

Canine Infectious Diseases Pdf
In this book Canine Infectious Diseases PDF, we have provided an overview of canine infectious diseases in a case-based manner in the way clinicians encounter them in daily practice all over the globe. Because of the global nature of the case descriptions, several unique cases and images that have not been published elsewhere in the scientific literature can be found in this book. We hope this practice-oriented approach motivates the reader to contemplate the cases and to reflect on how they might have managed each case themselves.
The book was created for veterinary practitioners and veterinary students during their clinical rotations, to improve and practice their knowledge of infectious diseases. At the end of every case, questions for self-assessment by the reader are provided to test existing knowledge. The illustrations that accompany each case will help the reader to identify both classical and unique disease presentations.
We are very grateful for the expertise and hard work of all our co-authors. Further, we are extremely thankful to Monika Freisl for her hard work in providing the final editing of case descriptions and for acting as a point of liaison with co-authors. We would also like to thank the whole team at CRC Press for their patience and encouragement. Most of all we would like to thank our partners, families, friends, and colleagues in our teaching institutions for all their support and encouragement to turn this book into reality.
We invite the readers to approach this book in the way we approach each of our canine patients, as a series of mysteries awaiting our careful detective work in search of a happy outcome for our patients and the families that care for them. We hope that this book will inspire veterinarians to embrace the topic of canine infectious diseases and to contribute to the health and welfare of dogs everywhere.

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