Canine and Feline Skin Cytology PDF Download. In this textbook, the main cytological findings of neoplastic and non-neoplastic (inflammatory) skin diseases of the dog and cat are discussed. The book is divided into five chapters.

Canine and Feline Skin Cytology PDF Download

Canine and feline skin cytology pdf download

The first chapter focuses on the morphology of the cells that normally make up the skin, knowledge of which is essential for interpreting pathological findings.

In the second chapter, diagnostic techniques that can be performed for the collection of cells from skin lesions are discussed. According to the clinical aspects of skin lesions, it provides readers with the correct guidance with regard to which technique to use to obtain a sample that is as indicative of its origin as possible. Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Foal 1st Edition

The third and fourth chapters focus on non-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions respectively, especially those that are useful to investigate using cytology. To better interpret the cytological specimens, it is mandatory to know and distinguish the clinical aspects of the skin lesions from where the cells have been sampled; for this reason, in the chapter on inflammatory diseases, the author discusses the cytological findings, starting from clinical signs and not based on the cytological inflammatory patterns. This practical approach even allows veterinarians who are less confident in dermatology to interpret the cytological results in a more rational way, and to obtain critical information for interpretation.

The final chapter deals with the main metastatic neoplasms originating from non-skin primary neoplasia. The book is accompanied by about 750 high-resolution colour images, including clinical, histological and cytological pictures, to exhaustively address all the clinicopathological aspects of skin lesions of the dog and cat. Tumors in Domestic Animals 5th Edition

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