British Poultry Standards 7th Edition, Right from the very beginning, therefore, the Poultry Club has remained guardian of the Standards without necessarily being the body responsible for framing them.

British Poultry Standards 7th Edition

British Poultry Standards 7th Edition

This task is normally undertaken by the specialist Breed Club or by the originator of a new breed or variety. So seriously, however, is this guardianship imposed, and accepted by the clubs, that until a new variety is admitted to Standard it remains unrecognized by show authorities whose events are staged under the rules of the Poultry Club of Great Britain.

Current procedures for the admittance of a new breed or variety of an existing breed to Standard are comprehensive. A Provisional Standard must first be submitted to the relevant Breed Club not only for its recommendation but also for postal ballot approval by its members. Once this is received, the proposed Standard with particulars of origin and breeding together with a list of breeders and the ballot papers must then be submitted for full standardization by the Poultry Club. Avian Disease Manual 7th Edition PDF

This is when further criteria, including a signed declaration, have to be met – the breed or variety has to satisfy Council as to its purity and whether it breeds true to type and colour; specimens of the proposed breed or variety need to have been exhibited in non-Standard classes; three rung generations of the new breed or colour should be available for inspection by the Poultry Club; a new breed has to possess distinctive characteristics and a new colour variety has to conform to the character of the breed concerned. The only exception to these procedures is when a recognised breed is imported from another country in which it has already been accepted to Standard.

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