Avian Disease Manual 7th Edition PDF. The Avian Disease Manual has become the best selling publication of the AAAP. Its success is likely due to its ability to deliver at a reasonable cost, concise yet complete information on commonly encountered diseases affecting poultry.

Avian Disease Manual 7th Edition PDF

Avian disease manual, 7th edition

It has become an educational staple to North American veterinary and poultry science students, to those interested in avian diseases, and a most useful reference in developing countries.The world of commercial poultry production is a rapidly evolving one, new pathogens regularly emerge, microorganisms are reclassified and renamed, discoveries are being made, hence the need for regular re-edition of this manual.

Putting together a new edition, presented this new editor with the challenges of keeping the great teaching qualities of past editions while updating the information and improving the format. This was made possible through a great team effort. The current editorial committee is made up of newcomers and experienced members.

They all have extremely busy professional life, but all generously accepted to answer my call and share their knowledge and expertise. I would like to thank them for their timely diligence in reviewing and updating their chapters. Naturally, we are also indebted to a number of esteemed colleagues who, since the first edition in 1980, initially written by C.E. Whiteman and A.A. Bickford, provided us with a solid heritage on which we keep building.

The manual is divided in various chapters grouping diseases by agent (viral, bacterial, fungal, etc…). Within each chapter, diseases are listed alphabetically and the addition of an index  further helps the reader to quickly locate the required information.

The Appendix contains tables, each of which lists the most common diseases of a single body system. Various tables let you quickly compare diseases at a glance. This edition contains two new tables: diseases of the ducks and diseases of the upland game birds, to cover a wider spectrum of avian species. A poultry drug use list is also provided as a general guide.

Also new to this manual is a chapter ‘’How do we investigate a sick flock?” The necropsy chapter includes the differential diagnosis procedure which goes on when a post-mortem examination is being performed. Last, the 7th edition includes more photos than previous editions and photos are included in the text and can be found after each disease section.

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