Bio mechanics and Physical Training of the Horse. EQUESTRIAN LITERATURE is full of books and information on the arts of riding and education of the horse.

Bio-mechanics and Physical Training of the Horse

Biomechanics And Physical Training Of The Horse (2)

The ideas presented in this book come from a specific angle and they cast a new light on the preparation and exercise of the horse. The various attitudes and movements of the horse during classical exercises have been the main objective of our reflections and there are very few studies that have supported analyses of the regional bio mechanics of the horse from a precise anatomical basis.

The objective of this book is to provide riders and trainers of competition horses with an anatomical and functional overview. This will allow them to understand and analyse the different exercises to which their horses are subjected during training and competition. Basic knowledge is indispensable in the understanding of movement; it serves to implement, in a rational way, preparatory exercises for the specific movements of each discipline.

The text in this book reflects a combination of objective information derived primarily from anatomical study through dissection, experience in the bio mechanical function of the loco motor system, photographic observation and cinematographic evaluations. Analysis of this information has resulted in an improvement in the understanding of locomotion of the horse during different gaits and exercises. The key goals of this information are to identify the attitudes that result in most of the constraints on the osteoarticular and musculotendinous systems and to research the key mechanisms of efficient movement.

The aim is to address the daily concerns of trainers, who search to improve the performance of their horses while striving to maximize the integrity of the musculoskeletal apparatus. The study has been deliberately limited to the most frequent movements found in equine sports and to the exercises most frequently used during preparation of horses destined for competition. The analysis is far from exhaustive and many other movements could have been evaluated. This book focuses on the most important aspects of equine locomotion and will provide a foundation for further reading and investigation into the bio mechanics of the horse.

Effective horse trainers strive to improve the performance of their horses while preserving the integrity of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Bio mechanics and Physical Training of the Horse supplies an anatomical and functional overview of the topic, enabling trainers to optimize the different exercises their horses undergo during training and competition.

Following a brief description of the bio mechanics of the muscles underlying equine movement, the book discusses the muscles of the forelimb, hind limb, and neck and trunk. These fundamentals have direct bearing on the later chapters, which focus on training and the core exercises for a horse.

This text is illustrated throughout by the author’s top- quality photographs, diagrams, and his own beautiful anatomical drawings. The book is of lasting value to all professionals and well-informed amateurs who work with horses: veterinarians, trainers and riders, researchers, physical therapists, and educators in equine courses.

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