Aughey and Frye’s Comparative Veterinary Histology with Clinical Correlates, 2nd Edition

by Francisco Javier Salguero Bodes, Francisco Jose Pallares Martinez, March 2023, FileType: PDF

Aughey and fryes comparative veterinary histology with clinical correlates 2nd edition

Aughey and Frye’s Comparative Veterinary Histology with Clinical Correlates, 2nd Edition, Organised by body system, the new edition of this highly illustrated textbook covers the normal histological appearance of tissues in a wide range of animals, both domestic and exotic species, with relevant clinical correlates emphasising the need to appreciate the normal in order to recognise the abnormal.

In this update by two experienced veterinary pathologists and histology lecturers, new species, such as other companion mammals, aquatic species, and livestock, are introduced into each chapter along with a wealth of new high-quality images. A new chapter covers epitehlial tissue, and new techniques used in histology and histopathology are discussed throughout, including in situ hybridisation (ISH) and digital image analysis. Pathogenesis explanations are introduced in the current (and many new) cases of histopathology.  Veterinary Histology of Domestic Mammals and Birds 5th Edition

The breadth of coverage – farm animals, dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish – and the integration of normal and abnormal tissue provide a reference of lasting value to veterinary students as well as veterinary practitioners and pathologists requiring a quick refresher.

A long overdue volume. The colored illustrations are exquisitely selected and reproduced. Together with the accompanying simply but clearly written text, the ‘package’ is a masterpiece of insight into mammalian and selected reptile, amphibian and fish cell structure. Vet Human ToxicolExcellent new histology textbook. Strongly recommended to students in the preclinical and paraclinical years of the veterinary course.

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