Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice PDF

Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice PDF. Veterinary professionals are concerned about animal welfare and want to make a difference. This concern for animals is why most of us joined, stay in and enjoy the profession.

Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice PDF

Animal Welfare In Veterinary Practice PDF
There is an enormous potential to improve animals’ welfare using the knowledge, enthusiasm, intelligence and compassion of the veterinary profession-als. This is a global opportunity, although the statuses of animals and the veterinary professions differ between countries and areas.
This potential has begun to be increasingly captured and developed, and there are many more opportunities that we can fulfil as the profession develops its role in animal welfare in all societies. Many other people are doing very many things. This book hopes to contribute to, stimulate and assist with realising these opportunities.
At the same time, concern for animals is why many people dislike practice or leave the profession. Some of the most intelligent, caring and concerned people stop helping animals, precisely because they are concerned about animals. This attrition may be due to those veterinary professionals who decide to specialise in animal welfare become animal welfare scientists. Or it may be due to the frustration borne of the seeming endlessness of welfare problems, with each day bringing more of the same problems despite the work of the day before.
The book begins by considering our relationship with our animal patients (Chapter 1), before moving on to consider the other main stakeholders, our clients (Chapter 2). With the main groundwork set out, the chapters can move through the process modelled on how clinical decisions can be made and effected, through animal welfare assessment (Chapter 3), choosing a treatment option (Chapter 4) and achieving the desired goals (Chapter 5). These ideas can then be applied to other animals, people and issues (Chapter 6). Each chapter provides a framework for people to read while considering their own circumstances and concerns.

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