Animal-Origin Viral Zoonoses 1st Edition

By: Malik, Yashpal Singh, Singh, Raj Kumar, Dhama, Kuldeep, Published 2020,  FileType: PDF

Animal origin viral zoonoses 1st edition

This book is the second volume in the series Livestock Diseases and Management, and reviews the importance and implications of animal origin viral zoonoses. It also highlights the specific etiology and epidemiology of these viral infections and discusses their various biological and mechanical transmission mechanisms. Further, the book reviews various measures for controlling viral zoonoses and examines novel therapeutic and prophylactic strategies. Viral Vectors in Veterinary Vaccine Development: A Textbook

An up-to-date resource is essential for the public and research community to apprehend the latest information and trends in the field of emerging zoonotic viruses that might help to adopt corrective actions. In the current compilation on “Animal-origin Zoonotic Viruses,” we intend to deliver a conversant resource in this area. The collection highlights the consequence of zoonotic viral diseases to the public and livestock industry using apposite examples. This book describes the precise and up-to-date information on zoonotic animal viral diseases which have emerged in the recent past or are re-emerging due to several complex environmental factors.

Decisively, the chapters delineate current day information on the emergence and circulation of zoonotic animal viral diseases with a focus on the virus, diseases, hosts, diagnostics, prophylactics, and therapeutics. The book discusses important viruses/viral infections of public health concern in various chapters authored by national and international experts. Moreover, the book provides the essential information in the form of tables and figures, with specific references at the end for readers to obtain further details on each topic.

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