An Introduction to Veterinary Medicine Engineering

by Nadja Bressan, Catherine M. Creighton, Published: 2023, FileType: PDF

An introduction to veterinary medicine engineering

Do cephalopods change color when under distress? Is the reptilian heart analogous to a diaphragm positive displacement pump? Are digital twins the answer for animal experimentation? This book explores the new field of veterinary engineering science and discusses how to better measure vital signs in exotic and companion animals. A vast opportunity exists for developing novel technologies that target reductions to the number of invasive procedures patients are subjected to. We examine improvements to animal care and enhancement of animal welfare while creating a more sustainable veterinary healthcare ecosystem. The authors address the challenges engineers face in designing healthcare equipment for animals and how the field of veterinary engineering contributes to traditional veterinary medicine. This book brings a novel field of engineering to train future veterinarians and engineers on design and application of technology to veterinary medicine.

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Serves as a learning resource for the training and education of veterinary students, veterinarians and engineers

Demonstrates through experiments and case studies the merging point between engineering and veterinary medicine

Discusses concepts and issues associated with engineering and veterinary medicine

Illustrates veterinary challenges using an engineering-design approach

Provides examples of veterinary applications with successful outcomes, incorporating step-by-step directions for engineers

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