Welcome to the Adams and Stashak’s Lameness in Horses 6th Edition PDF. When Dr. Stashak approached me about being an editor for the new edition, I failed to realize the complexity of the endeavor.

Adams and Stashak’s Lameness in Horses 6th Edition PDF

Adams And Stashak's Lameness In Horses 6th Edition PDF

However, I have tried to modify the book with the specific goal of providing the most current information as concisely as possible. You will notice that Dr. Stashak’s name has been added to the book title to reflect his numerous contributions to this text over the last few editions.

The primary objectives of the sixth edition were to update existing information and add new information without expanding the size of the book. This required re-organization, consolidation, and deletion of existing material in some cases. Expansive text on surgical procedures was condensed or eliminated in the sixth edition to focus on lameness and not surgery in horses.

A major effort was also made to include as many new color images and illustrations within the sixth edition as possible. Several older anatomical illustrations were converted to color but many of the black and white illustrations were retained because they remain excellent examples. Conventional radiographs were replaced with digital images whenever possible due to their improved quality and reproducibility. The goal was to have every image clearly illustrate what the author had intended.

I hope that the sixth edition continues in the rich tradition of excellence that has been provided by previous editions of Adams’ Lameness in Horses. However, as the specialty of equine lameness continues to evolve, ideas to further improve the text are always welcomed. Thank you.

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