A Textbook of Veterinary Special Pathology, Infectious Diseases of Livestock and Poultry PDF. This book is a continuation· of our earlier two works: “A Textbook of Veterinary General Pathology by J. L. Vegad” and “A Textbook of Veterinary Systemic Pathology by J. L. Vegad and A. K. Katiyar”.

A Textbook of Veterinary Special Pathology, Infectious Diseases of Livestock and Poultry PDF

A Textbook Of Veterinary Special Pathology, Infectious Diseases Of Livestock And Poultry PDF

Greatly encouraged by the response of these two publications, from students and teachers alike, we embarked on the daunting task of writing this third book with a triple objective. Firstly, to complete the unfinished portion of infectious diseases, thereby covering the entire subject of veterinary pathology. Secondly, to put diseases of domestic animals and poultry together atone place. We believe that this combined information would be most helpful to the students, and would also save them from the burden of buying books on poultry diseases. Thirdly, to offer a book that caters for the requirements of our students – one that is easy to follow, also deals with diseases under Indian conditions, and is of an affordable price. Foreign books being too expensive are beyond the reach of most students. Practical Guide Infectious Diseases in Cats

In recent years there has been a tremendous upsurge in our understanding of the pathogenesis of infectious diseases. An emphasis has therefore been given on the molecular mechanisms involved. The diseases have been discussed in a pattern that includes introduction, cause, spread, pathogenesis, clinical signs, gross and microscopic changes, zoonotic importance, and diagnosis. Infections caused by all classes of pathogen have been covered, including those of prion.

For an easy comprehension, all chapters include a brief review of general considerations, elements in the production of an infectious disease, evasion oft he immune response by the pathogen, and the host reaction. A special feature of the book is that important portions in each chapter have been put in bold letters for a better grasp of the subject. Emphasis has been given on clarity of writing, as lucidity enhances understanding and facilitates learning. Sincere efforts have been made to achieve as much brevity as is compatible with the thoroughness and sufficient discussion to permit easy understanding. The abbreviations used are ‘L’ for Latin and ‘G’ for Greek.

We hope the information provided proves very useful to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, the teaching community, and also the field veterinarians, particularly those working in the field of disease diagnosis. Discussion on poultry diseases would be especially helpful to the poultry diagnosticians and even to the enlightened poultry farmers. The book also refers to the diseases of wildlife. Besides, wherever considered appropriate, comparative aspects of human diseases have been narrated side by side, highlighting the zoonotic implications. As such the book may also serve as a good reference for the medical personnel.

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