Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual 5th Edition PDF. This book evolved as a response to the needs of veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians and provides access to pragmatic reference information in veterinary parasitology.

Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual 5th Edition PDF

Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual 5th Edition PDF

I arranged the book by host species, dogs, cats, ruminants, horses, pigs, avian, reptiles, wildlife, marine mammals, laboratory animals, and humans to allow easy access to information on parasite life cycles, importance, location in host, zoonotic potential, pertinent literature, diagnosis, and treatment.

I have simplified the taxonomy of parasites for veterinary use by modifying the most easily understood taxonomic systems. Photographs of the important diagnostic stages are included to assist in the diagnosis of parasitic disease. While this book is not a complete parasitology reference encyclopedia, it meets the challenge of providing a composite reference in everyday, routine veterinary parasitology.

In this revised fifth edition, many references and figures have been updated and improved, newer drugs have been included, the section on parasites of marine mammals has been improved, and sections on laboratory animal parasites and human parasites have been added.
This book is dedicated to my five exciting kids, Ann, Russell, Jane, Emily, and Kara, who are allowing me to live my second childhood through their interest in small wriggling creatures. It is equally dedicated to veterinary students to develop their biological interests and skills in the fascinating arenas of veterinary parasitology and field biology. I hope this book is useful to you.

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