Veterinary Oncology A Short Textbook

By Robert Klopfleisch, Published: 2016, FileType: PDF

Veterinary oncology a short textbook

This highly readable textbook provides a comprehensive but concise overview of the principles of oncogenesis in veterinary medicine, discussing selected tumors in domestic animals in detail, and addressing cancer diagnostics and therapy. All chapters are illustrated with histological and radiological images to enhance readers’ understanding. Accordingly, the book is a must-have reference guide for all graduate and advanced undergraduate students in Veterinary Medicine with a special interest in oncology. Veterinary Surgical Oncology, 2nd Edition

The audience is veterinary students and graduate students with an interest in oncology. The book is appropriate for these readers, as well as for clinical practitioners who wish to review information and identify credible resources for further research. This book provides clinically relevant pathophysiology and diagnostic information for tumors that veterinarians regularly encounter. The book is enjoyable to read, flows logically and easily, and is organized well.

• Genome instability, mutation, and epigenetic change
• Sustained proliferation and evasion of growth suppression
• Evasion of apoptosis
• Deregulation of energy metabolism
• Induction of angiogenesis
• Invasion and metastasis

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