Veterinary epidemiology Third Edition is concerned with disease in animal populations. Its evolution has spanned several centuries and has been central to the successful control of animal disease. This introductory chapter traces the development of veterinary medicine in general (including relevant aspects of human medicine), showing that it has been inseparably linked to that of veterinary epidemiology.

Veterinary Epidemiology Third Edition PDF Download

Veterinary Epidemiology Third Edition PDF Download

Although man’s association with animals began in prehistoric times, the development of scientific veterinary medicine is comparatively recent. A milestone in this growth was the establishment of the first permanent veterinary school at Lyons, France, in 1762.

Early developments were governed largely by economic rather than humanitarian motives, associated with the importance of domestic stock as a source of food and as working animals; and there are still important economic reasons for concern about disease in animal populations.

Later, with the advent of the industrial revolution and the invention of the internal combustion engine, the importance of draft animals declined in the developed countries. Although dogs and cats have been companion animals for several thousand years, it is only recently that they and other pets have increased in importance as components of human society.

Changing concepts of the cause of disease

Concepts of the cause of disease have changed and evolved 1. A method of treatment used by early Egyptians was incantation. This was partly ritual, but also reflected their belief in supernatural spirits as a possible cause of disease. Approaches to treatment and prevention are the direct result of theories of cause. There have been five main theories up to the middle of the last century 2. One theory was often superseded by another, but traces of each can still be seen in different parts of the world.

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