Veterinary Drugs Guide 3rd Edition

Veterinary Drugs’ Guide 3rd Edition (VDG3) is a suitable and quick veterinary drugs reference in a handbook size.
VDG is recommended for all who practice in the field of veterinary medicine, such as veterinarians, researchers, pharmacologists, veterinary medical representatives & students of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary drugs guide 3rd edtion

We have divided this book into three parts as follow:

Part A: The Main Veterinary Drugs’ Guide: It provides information about poultry and animal drugs. Every drug is shown in the form of product name, composition, route, dose and packing. In poultry drugs, the dose is chicken’s dose. In animal drugs, the dose is cattle’s dose.

Part B: VDG Academy: It briefly provides useful information about antimicrobial drugs, withdrawal time of commonly used veterinary drugs. In addition to newly prohibited veterinary drugs, poultry vaccinations, drug interactions and finally registration challenge in Egypt.
Part C: Search: It contains a list of agents & its suppliers of poultry and animal drugs, VDG counter, a list of company contacts & trade name index.

Your opinion is so valuable and appreciated

You are most welcomed to contact me for comments and ideas which will be carefully taken in consideration for further improvement in coming editions. Veterinary pharmaceutical drug companies and scientific offices are kindly invited to provide us with all updates and any remarks.

We, as Al-Tarek group, apologize for our readers for any mistakes or missed items. We promise you to take a great step towards accuracy in the next editions.

Notice: While the information contained herein is presented in good faith and believe to be correct as of the date hereof. The author does not guarantee satisfactory results from reliance upon such information. The author disclaims all liability for any loss or damage arising out of any use of this information or the products to which said information refers and makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or of any other nature with respect to the information or products.

Most of the chapters in this edition have been rewritten and revised, including 403 new product names out of them 360 new drugs & 43 new vaccines. Download More: Equine Nutrition: INRA Nutrient Requirements, Recommended Allowances and Feed Tables

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