Udder Health and Communication Book PDF Download. Mastitis probably is the most studied disease in the dairy industry. That is for obvious reasons. Mastitis has an effect on welfare, on milk quality, it disturbs working routines and it is an important reason for culling. Additionally, most antibiotics in dairy cattle are used in the udder.

Udder Health and Communication Book PDF Download

Udder Health and Communication Book PDF Download

We live in a dynamic world. The dairy industry is quickly changing with all over the world decreasing numbers of herds with rapidly increasing numbers of cows per herd. At the same time, in the rich part of the world, society is demanding. Animal welfare is becoming more important, as are requirements on safety, taste and price. These changes lead to technical innovations such as automatic milking systems that may have consequences on the health of the most important organ of the dairy cow: the udder.

The importance of continuous research is beyond doubt. Research leads to increased knowledge. Knowledge comes to value if it is used. Over the years we have learned that in order for knowledge to be applied, communication is as important as the technical content of the message. We need to have our technical knowledge up to standards and there is a continuous need to optimize that. At the same time we need to motivate farmers, veterinarians and other workers in the field to adopt new technologies and to optimize management. This requires knowledge about the (economic) effect of new technologies and improved management on udder health, but this also requires optimal communication.

In the changing dairy industry, not only the farms changed, the farmers also changed. Today’s dairy farmer is not quite comparable to the dairy farmer of ten or twenty years ago. We can wonder whether advisers changed as quick as farmers did. And we can wonder whether we know enough about communication, about mindset and motivation to optimally serve that dairy farmer. It aimed at science that is useful for practice, in all its meanings. This book covers the proceedings of the material that is presented and discussed during the International Conference on Udder Health and Communication and consists of papers of keynote and other oral presentations and abstracts of all poster presentations.

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