The Dog Its Behavior, Nutrition, and Health 3rd Edition

By Linda P. Case, Published: 2023, FileType: PDF

The dog its behavior nutrition and health 3rd edition

The Dog, In-depth coverage of canine domestication, breeding, behavior and cognition, training, health care, and nutrition

Now in its third edition, The Dog remains a definitive textbook regarding dogs and their care; written in clear, accessible language, the text provides updated and expanded coverage of selective breeding, training principles, solutions to common behavior problems, diet and nutrition, and preventive health care.

New sections in this edition include information about dog breeds and selective breeding practices, genetic testing programs, canine social cognition and communication, manners training and common behavior problems, popular dog sports, and new information regarding health care and disease prevention.

Enhanced with distinctive figures and tables, the text provides current references, suggested readings, updated tables and references, and a thorough glossary to aid in comprehension.

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In The Dog, readers can expect to find detailed information about:

  • Canine behavior, reward-based approaches to training, health care and disease prevention, new information about pet foods and nutrition, and a review of research regarding the unique social cognition of the domestic dog
  • Breed specific diseases and their genetic testing, canine infectious viruses and atopic disease, and new vaccines and vaccination schedules
  • Interspecies communications between dogs and humans, prevention and management of common behavior problems in dogs, and pet food selection and recommended feeding practices

More detailed and comprehensive than many other dog books, The Dog is an indispensable tool for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, trainers, behaviorists, breeders, animal shelter and rescue group staff, and dog owners. Academically, The Dog is a useful textbook for second- or third-year students who have completed at least one college-level biology course.

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