Textbook of Zoonoses

by Jasbir Singh Bedi, Deepthi Vijay, Pankaj Dhaka, July 2022, FileType: PDF

Textbook of Zoonoses

Textbook of Zoonoses Comprehensive resource covering the aetiology, epidemiology and transmission cycle, clinical symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention and control strategies of the important zoonoses.

Zoonoses are the diseases which can spread from animals to humans. This book covers all important zoonoses that are prevalent in today’s world. As a modern learning resource, it incorporates recent scientific developments and concepts to give readers a complete overview of each zoonoses. Written by three well-qualified authors in academia, sample topics covered within the book include:

  • Bacterial, viral, parasitic, rickettsial, fungal, prion, and foodborne zoonoses
  • Aetiology and epidemiology of each zoonotic disease
  • Clinical symptoms and diagnosis in animals and humans
  • Treatment options, plus prevention and control strategies
  • CDC classification of zoonotic agents and the WHO’s list of ‘neglected zoonoses’

Written for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying veterinary public health and epidemiology, Textbook of Zoonoses is also a helpful resource for other veterinary and medical professionals interested in public health and epidemiology.

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