Techniques in Large Animal Surgery Second Edition

This second edition is in response to the acceptance of the first edition and the continued need for such a book for both veterinary students and large animal practitioners.

Techniques in Large Animal Surgery Second Edition

Techniques in large animal surgery

The purpose of this book is to present some fundamental techniques in large animal surgery to both veterinary students and large animal practitioners. It’s designed to be brief, discussing only the major steps in a particular operation, and each discussion is accompanied by appropriate illustrations. Most of the techniques presented can be performed without the advantages of a fully equipped large animal hospital or teaching institution.

All of the drawings in the book are original and based on rough sketches and photographs taken at various points during actual surgery.

This is the main reference for all veterinarians, especially those who deal with large farm animals.
It covers most of the topics you need to know as a veterinarian. (Anesthesia, suture material and techniques…etc)
Easy to navigate through, lots of professional illustrations, easy language.

This is basically the same book as Turners surgery book. Same excellent and concise explanations on how to perform surgeries, anaesthetics for surgery and how to avoid post operative complications. The newer edition has updated the original book for more modern antibiotics and anaesthetic techniques as well as some newer procedures, but is in essence the same book as before.

It is an excellent book for college and the new graduate, as the pictures also allow you to visualize the procedure more easily. The only downfall is the anaesthesia from an equine point of view, but then again its not an anaesthesia book!

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