Small Animal Surgery: Surgery Atlas, A Step-by-step Guide, Surgical Techniques

 by José Rodríguez Gómez, October 2016, FileType: PDF

Small animal surgery surgery atlas a step by step guide surgical techniques

This new volume of the collection “Small animal surgery” is a selection of the main surgical procedures explained in the previous volumes. The greatest asset of this book is that it is based on high-quality videos, which accompany each of the surgical techniques. These are classified according to degree of difficulty. This book is the result of the author’s thorough and careful work and is an essential resource both for veterinary professionals in practice and students of veterinary surgery.

The book you have in your hands is dedicated, once again, to surgery, perhaps the most spectacular activity of a veterinary clinician: probably because it is a direct therapy, carried out by hand, and it confers a kind of magical power on the surgeon, aided by the fact that a disorder can often be solved very rapidly in the operating theatre. Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery 2nd Edition

This volume you have before you reflects the extensive surgical experience of all the collaborators and particularly that of Dr José Rodriguez and his knowledge to face the surgical challenges. Undoubtedly, the success of any surgical procedure depends on the skills and abilities of the surgeon and his or her team to identify and manage bleeding precisely, efficiently and effectively before, during and after procedure.

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