This fifth edition of Small Animal Surgery (SAS) will quickly become your daily go-to surgery reference. We hope that busy practitioners and veterinary students alike will find it to be a practical, easy-to-use, and highly valuable resource.

Small Animal Surgery 5th Edition

Small animal surgery 5th edition

If you have perused previous editions of SAS, you will note that this edition has undergone a few significant changes. While we have put a substantial effort into providing videos as an important component to SAS, as detailed under the Expert Consult section below, we have taken care to maintain the well-loved and highly appreciated aspects of previous editions, including a limited number of contributors, an excellent art program, and a consistent format that varies minimally between chapters. Because of the numerous online attributes of this edition, it is available as a print book as well as on the accompanying Expert Consult website. Thus, while providing a practical, traditional textbook, we also offer a dynamic way of learning. We are extremely proud of this fifth edition and think that it is our best yet. We hope you agree.

This book is composed of 44 chapters and is organized into four parts. The 14 chapters of Part One, General Surgical Principles, were written with veterinary medical students and practitioners in mind. The information contained in these chapters is what we teach our students in their introductory surgery courses.

Found within these chapters is detailed information on the basics of sterile technique, surgical instrumentation, suturing, preoperative care, and rational antibiotic use. We have emphasized the use of scrubless and/or waterless surgeon prep solutions and new patient prep solutions in the chapters on patient and surgeon preparation. Although these solutions and techniques are not particularly new, studies suggest that they are not well known or frequently used by practicing veterinarians.

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