Small Animal Arthroscopy PDF. The last 15 years have been perhaps one of the most exciting periods in veterinary orthopedic medicine. During this period the profession has witnessed tremendous advances in techniques.

Small Animal Arthroscopy PDF

Small Animal Arthroscopy PDF

It including total joint replacement, TPLO, advanced musculoskeletal imaging, ring and interlocking nail fracture fixation, and limb spare procedures. Not the least of these advances has been the growth of the use of arthroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of articular diseases in the dog. The application of arthroscopy to the relatively small joints of the dog has been made possible through the development of small joint arthroscopy equipment and the perseverance of pioneers in the field such as George Seimering, Myron Person, Jean Francois Bardet, Henri Van Bree, and Bernadette Van Ryssen. The outcome of their work and that of others is a practical and invaluable method for the visual evaluation and treatment of diseases of the major joints of the dog.

Arthroscopy has become the modality of choice for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases of the joint in dogs. Arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive, thus reducing postoperative pain and accelerating recovery. Arthroscopy improves visualization by magnifying and intensely illuminating the joint within its natural fluid medium. Finally, because of its low morbidity, arthroscopy is an excellent choice when it becomes necessary to treat two or more joints at the same time.

The book Small Animal Arthroscopy contains chapters on the history of arthroscopy; equipment and instrumentation; shoulder, elbow, carpus, hip, stifle, and tarsus arthroscopy; clinical arthroscopic cases; and medical management of osteoarthritis.

We are particularly pleased with Chapter 9, which discusses clinical arthroscopic cases. The content of this chapter meets our goal of providing clinically relevant material that can be used on a regular basis in the private practice setting. All authors contributed to all chapters, although each chapter was assigned to a primary author for initial organization and composition.

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