Ruminant Formula for the Future Nutrition or Pathology PDF.  In an ever changing market, ruminant milk and meat production must continually develop cost-effective ways to promote animal health, performance and product safety.

Ruminant Formula for the Future Nutrition or Pathology PDF

Ruminant Formula For The Future Nutrition Or Pathology Elevating Performance And Health

Food safety and traceability, as well as animal welfare are beginning to play key roles in consumer decisions. However, these deliverables can often increase already excessive production costs meaning that producers must look to new technologies, such as nutritional solutions, in order to maximise production efficiency.

The link between animal nutrition and health is well founded and now needs to be exploited further in order to ensure a progressive industry. It is becoming clear that nutritional influences at pivotal stages in dairy and beef production can positively impact rumen and gut health and, subsequently, performance.

There has been particular focus on transition period and antioxidant nutrition, acknowledging the changing needs of the modern, high-producing animal. The threat of mycotoxins highlights the issue of climate change and its impact on modern animal production. Solutions are required that minimise or eliminate that threat if the issue is to remain and effective knowledge transfer initiatives must be integrated into all advisory services.

Ruminant formula for the future: nutrition or pathology? Elevating performance and health’ unites the relevant expertise of researchers from across the globe. Pertinent topics, such as calf management and cow lameness are discussed in conjunction with novel protocols aimed at the reduction of production pathologies and the promotion of rumen and gut health.

This book is aimed at nutritionists, veterinarians, consultants and animal producers, as well as animal and biological science researchers and students.

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