Radiology of Birds: An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and Positioning, The species included in this text are either popular companion pets or birds that are commonly presented to rehabilitation facilities.

Radiology of Birds: An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and Positioning

Radiology Of Birds An Atlas Of Normal Anatomy And Positioning

Documentation of radiographic and alternative imaging findings associated with disease conditions of these species continues to expand. There are several other text-book references documenting normal radiographic imaging anatomy for birds; however, this text was designed to provide additional radiographic information regarding normal anatomy and provide examples of contrast radiographic studies and advanced imaging procedures.

Given the limitations in printing, reproducing radio-graphic images of animal subjects such as birds is a challenge. It is difficult to obtain print quality that will allow the reader to appreciate subtle changes in the contrast and detail while still making the text affordable. Therefore, images in this text may not fully represent the image quality of the original radiographs for some avian species. In order to supplement the printed version of the text, a companion CD containing the images has been included and the images on this format medium are a closer approximation of the image quality of the original studies.

Use this atlas to interpret radiographic images and make accurate diagnoses! Hundreds of high-quality images clearly demonstrate normal avian anatomic and radiographic features in a wide variety of species so that you can recognize abnormal features. This book includes detailed directions for patient positioning along with radiographic exposure guidelines, ensuring that you obtain the highest quality diagnostic images.Complete directions for positioning during radiographic examination help you take high-quality radiographs for accurate interpretation.

Radiographic exposure guidelines are provided for each species and radiographic view, so you can determine optimal settings and technique. Line drawings are superimposed on radiographic images, so you can identify anatomic structures accurately. Alternative imaging studies – including CT, MRI, ultrasound, GI, urogram, and other contrast media studies -allow advanced diagnostic interpretation. A companion CD includes all of the radiographic images in the book for digital monitor viewing.

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