Rabbits Biology, Diet and Eating Habits and Disorders PDF

Rabbits Biology, Diet and Eating Habits and Disorders PDF. In this book, the authors present current research in the study of the biology, diet, eating habits and disorders of rabbits.

Rabbits Biology, Diet and Eating Habits and Disorders PDF

Rabbits Biology, Diet And Eating Habits And Disorders PDF
Topics discussed in this volume include the rabbit brain as a model of structural neuroplasticity; a survey on the studies of rabbit prion proteins; the effect of reduced dietary consistency on the fiber properties of rabbit jaw muscles; the use of rabbits to investigate the pathogenesis of disease; the assessment of sperm DNA damage in rabbits using the Halomax assay; nutritional effects of plant oil and seeds in rabbit feeding; and current studies on the etiology of obstructive dysfunction of the male rabbit urinary bladder.
In rabbits fed a diet with increasing quantities of oilseed, the saturated FA and monounsaturated FA proportions in the longissimus dorsi muscle decreased, while PUFA increased. Oilseed dietary supplementation has shown to be effective in raising the n-3 PUFA proportion in the meat and decreasing the n-6/n-3 PUFA ratio.
In conclusion, these results showed that the use of diets with corn oil or supplemented with different oilseeds was effective in reducing the saturation, atherogenic and thrombogenic indexes, with consequent benefits on the nutritional quality of rabbit meat for consumers, with no significant adverse effects on digestibility in growing rabbits.

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