Principles of Goat Disease and Prevention

by Tanmoy Rana, August 2023, FileType: PDF

Principles of goat disease and prevention

Principles of Goat Disease and Prevention pdf, Learn to diagnose, treat, and clinically manage a wide variety of diseases in goats??

In Principles of Goat Disease and Prevention, veterinary medicine expert Dr. Tanmoy Rana delivers a singularly informative resource covering infectious diseases affecting ruminant animals. The book offers key insights into the most important aspects of common and unusual diseases affecting goats, providing clinical management best practices for veterinary practitioners engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of ruminant diseases.

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The author explains ruminant disease, as well as its diagnosis and treatment, systematically, explaining the etiopathogenesis of various pathogens, clinical symptoms, disease prevention and control, and the most recent advances in identifying and treating diseases in goats. Readers will also find:

  • A thorough introduction to managing nutrition in goats
  • Comprehensive explorations of the handling and restraining of goats for the purpose of veterinary treatment
  • Practical discussions of the collection, preservation, processing, and shipment of clinical materials in the treatment of goats
  • Fulsome treatments of parasitic, bacterial, fungal, viral, and other diseases of goats, as well as the management of pain from surgery and lameness

Perfect for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students studying veterinary medicine, Principles of Goat Disease and Prevention will also benefit practitioners and students with an interest in studying or preventing disease in ruminants.

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