This long-awaited second edition of Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine covers all major aspects of herbal medicine from fundamental concepts, traditional use and scientific research through to safety, effective dosage and clinical applications.

Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine 2nd Edition

Principles and practice of phytotherapy modern herbal medicine 2nd edition

Principles and practice of phytotherapy modern herbal medicine 2nd edition

This book is congruent with my clinical supervisor’s herbal treatment approach and reasoning for using certain herbs. It was actually her that suggested I buy this book.

This book compliments another book: “Clinical Naturopathy: an evidenced-based guide to practice” by Jerome Sarris and Joh Wardle. They work well together in understanding what herbs (based on scientific research and clinical experience) are best for X condition.

This book has been a great investment into my education and learning of herbs. Highly recommended, especially for students or practitioners.

Written by herbal practitioners with active experience in clinical practice, education, manufacturing and research, the textbook is both practical and evidence based. The focus, always, is on the importance of tailoring the treatment to the individual case.

New insights are given into the herbal management of approximately 100 modern ailments, including some of the most challenging medical conditions, such as asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and other complex autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, and there is vibrant discussion around the contribution of phytotherapy in general to modern health issues, including health ageing.

Fully referenced throughout, with more than 10, 000 citations, the book is a core resource for students and practitioners of phytotherapy and naturopathy and will be of value to all healthcare professionals – pharmacists, doctors, nurses – with an interest in herbal therapeutics.

50 evidence-based monographs, including 7 new herbs, Rational guidance to phytotherapeutic strategies in the consulting room.

New appendices provide useful information on topics such as herbal actions, dosage in children and reading and interpreting herbal clinical trials, Comprehensive revision of vital safety data, including an extensive herb-drug interaction chart.

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