Practical Transfusion Medicine for Small Animal Practitioners PDF

Practical Transfusion Medicine for Small Animal Practitioners PDF provides clinically focused guidance in all aspects of Second Edition, blood banking for dogs and pets, compatibility testing and patient blood management.

Practical Transfusion Medicine for Small Animal Practitioners

Practical Transfusion Medicine For The Small Animal Practitioner PDF
Practical Transfusion Medicine for the Small Animal Practitioner pdf, 2nd edition, contains detailed methods on how to fractionate whole blood into blood components; storage guidelines are included. Laboratory considerations in transfusion practice, including blood typing and crossmatch procedures are presented. Summarized charts are provided as testing guides when appropriate. Physiologic principles and indications for whole blood and component transfusion are described, along with assessment of transfusion outcome.

  • Provides procedures for collection, processing and storage of blood in veterinary medicine
  • Describe the blood components and their basic uses
  • It provides an overview of blood collection techniques and systems that emphasize popular configurations for veterinary blood products.
  • It provides concise and comprehensive guidelines for veterinarians to ensure overall quality of service.
  • Includes access to a complementary website that includes full-color images of the collection available in PowerPoint
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