Pigs Welfare in Practice 1st Edition

by Irene Camerlink, March 2020, FileType: PDF

Pigs, Welfare In Practice 1st Edition

A concise practical handbook on high welfare standards in pig farming for people who work directly with animals. The aim is to improve animal health and farm profitability through introducing good husbandry practices and finding low cost solutions to improve welfare for the animals.

Aimed at farmers, stockmen, food industry personnel and agricultural students, the book explains why welfare is important for the animal and the farm, what good welfare looks like, how to measure welfare in practice using assessment tools, and practical advice for improving welfare for pigs.

In Chapter 1 the concept of animal welfare is explained, along with the specific requirements of pigs kept for production purposes. The cur-rent state of pig welfare on a global scale is described, with the main developments in production and legislation. Broiler Chickens: Welfare in Practice

Chapter 2 gives examples of how animal welfare can contribute to increased profitability and how you can assess the costs and benefits of improving welfare.

Chapter 3 outlines the main methods of assessing the welfare of pigs. This will give insight on how your animals are doing. Specific attention is given to so-called iceberg indicators. These can give an indication of underlying welfare beyond the key observable trait.

In Chapter 4 suggestions are given for how you can improve the welfare of pigs, organized by production phase.

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