The book Pfizer Atlas of Veterinary Clinical Parasitology is pretty easy to follow. I wouldn’t say that you need a very good understanding of biology to read it.

Pfizer Atlas of Veterinary Clinical Parasitology

Pfizer atlas of veterinary clinical parasitology

I found the overview of each parasite’s life cycle particularly interesting. The book contain different types of internal and external parasites, some of these are as under: – Veterinary Clinical Parasitology, 9th Edition

  • Internal Parasites:
    • Heartworms, Canine
    • Heartworms, Feline
    • Hookworms
    • Whipworms
    • Roundworms
    • Dipylidium Tapworms
    • Taenia Tapworms
    • Giardia
  • External Parasites:
    • Fleas
    • American Dog Ticks
    • Brown Dog Ticks
    • Deer Ticks
    • Common Tick Compared
    • Ear Mites
    • Demodex Mites
    • Cheyletiella Mites
    • Sarcoptes Mites
  • Internal Organs: (Canine and Feline)
  • Under the Microscope:
    • Photographic aids to identifying common parasites and pseudoparasites as seen in blood, feces and urine.

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