Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America 4th Edition, A Field Guide to Mammals of North America The most comprehensive, in-depth, and current guide to North American mammals, this book covers all the mammals found in North America north of Mexico, including those that live in near-shore waters.

Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America 4th Edition

Peterson Field Guide To Mammals Of North America 4th Edition
The only guide to include paintings and photographs of the animals as well as photographs of mammal skulls, it has 80 color plates, plus 46 additional color illustrations and black-and-white drawings, nearly 400 range maps, and more than 100 color photographs.
Peterson field guides are my favorite guides as they are not only well illustrated throughout, but contain all the information that you could possibly need. Mammals of North America is no exception. This lavishly illustrated volume contains information on every mammal found in North America including geographical distribution, pictures of tracks, skull plates showing you the skull of the animal and its dentition. Believe me, if you want an outstanding guide on the mammals of North America than get this guide. You won’t be disappointed.

About the Author

Fiona A. Reid has led nature tours for Questers Tours and Travel, New York, for the past decade, showing tourists the wonders of diverse lands from Indonesia to Alaska to Venezuela. An accomplished writer and artist, she has written and/or illustrated numerous field guides, including A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico, The Golden Guide to Bats of the World, and Mammals of the Neotropics.

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