Pain Management in Small Animal Medicine, Pain management in small animal practice can actually be extrapolated to be a reflection of our cultural values.

Pain Management in Small Animal Medicine

Pain management in small animal medicine

Questionnaire responses from pet owners validate that pets play a major role in our lives. Some owners state that their pet is as important to them as family members; many state that cost is not an issue in treating their pet; and many report that they share the same bed with their pet(s). Considering the physical and emotional role pets play in our lives, there is an expectation that we would make every effort to minimize the pain and suffering of ‘man’s best friend’.

Chronic Pain in Small Animal Medicine was well received and ran out of print. After consultation with the professional team at Manson Publishing, it was agreed that our readership would be best served with an ‘expansion’ of the chronic pain text rather than a second edition. Accordingly, this text, Pain Management in Small Animal Medicine, is an endeavor to retain the best from the Chronic Pain text but expand content with inclusion of areas beyond chronic pain. There are, of course, real world constraints, so a number of graphics have been reproduced from the Chronic Pain text, particularly to illustrate the core theme of ‘mechanism base’.

This text was created for the veterinary healthcare professional seeking a greater depth of knowledge in mechanisms of pain and potential targets for treatment. It aspires to meet the needs as a quick reference, but more importantly, to go beyond the ‘cookbook protocols’ found in many offerings, by providing contemporary under standings of ‘why and how to treat’.

There will always be ‘holes’ in the evidence-based literature regarding areas of pain management for veterinary patients. Herein, it is in for mative to explore data obtained from different species and this text cites many such references. The caveat comes in weighing ‘species specificity’ vs. ‘one science’ in the clinical decision making. The author is also hopeful that this text will well serve those pursuing advanced credentials in the discipline of pain management.

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