The National Veterinary Medical Series (NVMS) Toxicology 1st Edition by Gary D. Osweiler is an effective, economical system for learning and review.

NVMS Toxicology

Nvms toxicology

Basic and clinical veterinary science are outlined in a practical format that enables you to master large amounts of information in a limited amount of time. The book in the NVMS helps you to prepare for National Boards and the Clinical Competency Test and are excellent resources for problem-based learning.

In veterinary medicine, the discipline of toxicology concerns the protection of companion animals, wildlife, and food-producing animals. Animals are exposed to natural toxicants in their native environments, as well as to synthetic chemicals and drugs. The practicing veterinarian and the diagnostic or clinical veterinary toxicologist are often the first to respond to these problems, which may appear as a clinical syndrome of unknown cause.

Because toxi­coses may occur infrequently in any specific practice, but are often extensive and explosive, ready access to information in addition to a well-developed plan of action are important in the response to in toxications. To that end, this book is divided into three sections. The first section covers general principles of toxicology. The second section discusses how toxicants affect major body systems at the clinical level, which is how the veterinarian first encounters and must deal with a toxicologic problem, and the third section discusses specific agents.

A discussion of all potential toxicants is well beyond the scope of this book. Many toxi­coses are regional and related to cultural practices or specific exposure scenarios. The topics chosen are representative of those considered important in contemporary veterinary toxicology, based on the author’s experience as a diagnostic veterinary toxicologist and the opinions and advice of colleagues over many years. The intended audience is veterinary students or others who may desire a focused review of veterinary toxicology issues and agents. This book is intended as a review or update in toxicology and is most effective when used in conjunction with more extensive and targeted texts, reviews, or monographs.

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