Nutrient Requirements of Swine

This eleventh revised edition of the Nutrient Requirements of Swine builds on the previous editions published by the National Research Council.

Nutrient Requirements of Swine

Nutrient Requirements Of Swine

The tenth edition,1 in particular, provided a major foundation for the current edition. Although a great deal of new research has been published during the last 15 years and there is a large amount of new information, for many nutrients (e.g., vitamins) there is little or no new research data on requirements.

The committee established the principle that without new research results indicating a need to revise a nutrient requirement, the values published in the tenth edition would be retained. This principle was also applied to the text. Therefore, portions of the text from the tenth revision were also retained. In this sense the report is truly a “revised edition,” and will eliminate the need for a reader to refer to previous editions.

In contrast, the committee decided that the tables of feed ingredient composition were due for a major update. Thus, as explained in Chapter 17, the committee conducted an exhaustive review of published data and completely revised both the format and content of the ingredient composition tables.

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