Mosby’s Review Questions and Answers For Clinical Sciences, 2nd Edition, Includes 1,650 questions, including 565 new questions, on anesthesiology, clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging and recordings, hematology and cytology, immunology, nutrition, pharmacology, principles of surgery, theriogenology, and toxicology.

Mosby’s Review Questions and Answers For Clinical Sciences, 2nd Edition

Mosby’s review questions and answers for clinical sciences, 2nd edition

Rationales are included with correct answers so readers will be able to determine why an answer was correct and which areas require further study. Questions reflect those likely to appear on the NBE.

This series of five review books was developed to help candidates prepare for scholastic, licensure, and certification
examinations. Although the books are not definitive texts, they can help candidates organize their study preparations and detect areas in which more study is required.

The five-volume series contains over 8,100 questions, each with an accompanying answer. A short explanation
or rationale is provided for every answer. New to this edition are additional sections on specialties, thousands of new questions, and updating of all questions according to current medical and surgical practices.

I am indebted to our group of 150 eminently qualified contributors, who have taken the time from their busy professional and personal lives to carefully craft questions on their respective subject areas. Their enthusiasm and ingenuity in developing challenging questions are evident throughout the five volumes. Although I had considered myself fairly well read in our field, I was humbled by the depth and breadth of knowledge illustrated in their questions.

We have gone to great effort to root out all errors and ambiguous statements. Despite these precautions, however, a number of flaws undoubtedly have escaped notice. We would be grateful if readers would notify us of any errors, ambiguities, or questionable statements in these books. We also encourage readers to send their comments or criticism on any aspect of these books. In this way we can improve the quality of future editions.

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