Manual to Veterinary Video-Oto-Endoscopy

By Giovanni Ghibaudo, Published: 2022, FileType: PDF

Manual to veterinary video oto endoscopy use and utility in canine and feline ear diseases

This atlas provides a step-by-step manual in using the video-oto-endoscope (VOE) as a tool to study ear diseases in cats and dogs. Illustrated by numerous high-resolution images and case studies, the book explains in a highly accessible manner when and how to use VOE. It teaches how to differ between a normal and a pathological animal ear and guides the reader in diagnosing a particular disease. Veterinary Endoscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner 2nd Edition

The book’s main section provides in-depth information on causes, clinical picture, and imaging of ear diseases such as acute otitis externa, chronic otitis externa, and otitis media in small animals. Moreover, the atlas introduces technical fundamentals of the instrument and gives tips for its correct handling and cleaning. Further, readers are instructed on how to best prepare the animal patient for examination by VOE. The atlas addresses veterinary practitioners and veterinary technicians who are interested in performing otological examinations in cats and dogs.

An in-depth study on advanced imaging diagnostics has been included in the book due to the enormous importance these tools have in the definition and staging of otitis. In addition, the description of ear cleaning techniques and the use of therapeutic equipment such as surgical lasers are an integral part of the text.

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