Manual of Veterinary Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking

Manual of Veterinary Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking, The practice of transfusion medicine and blood banking has grown enormously during the past decade and this has created a demand for a comprehensive guide to the discipline.

Manual of Veterinary Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking

Manual Of Veterinary Transfusion Medicine And Blood Banking

There are hundreds of publications in the veterinary literature pertaining to this subject area, with new studies being made available each month. Despite the rapidly increasing amount of information available, a textbook dedicated to this topic has not previously been published. While there are chapters in textbooks dedicated to the practice of trans-fusion medicine or blood banking, no references focus solely on this important subject area. Likewise, resources usually pertain to dogs and cats, with little information applicable to food animals, horses, or exotic pets.

We recognized the need to fill the gap and communicate best practices by providing a manual of veterinary transfusion medicine and blood banking. Both of us have a strong interest in transfusion medicine, as well as clinical and research experience with blood banking. We eagerly accepted the challenge of providing an evidence-based resource that brings information regarding all species and aspects of transfusion medicine and blood banking together in one place.

We compiled this textbook with the goal of providing a resource that would be helpful for veterinary professionals working in academic, referral, or general practice, as well as technicians and residents preparing for specialty certification exams. Whenever possible, authors used recent peer-reviewed veterinary (and sometimes human) journal articles and supplemented with other resources or anecdotal experience when peer-reviewed information was lacking. Over-all, we feel the result is a practical and thorough presentation of the current knowledge of veterinary transfusion medicine and blood banking.

We are also aware that the disciplines of transfusion medicine and blood banking are very reliant on a veterinarian-technician team. As such, we proudly co-edited this textbook as a veterinarian and technician team. Similarly, many of our chapters are co-written by a veterinarian and technician. We both person-ally learned a great deal from these different perspectives and feel that this insight from all members of the group that would be participating in blood banking or transfusion administration within the hospital is beneficial. This textbook contains evidence-based descriptions of theory and practical step-by-step procedures pertaining to blood products, blood product administration, blood banking, and meeting blood product demands. While most of these sections pertain to small animals, additional chapters focus on large animals and exotic pets in the section on transfusion medicine in other species.

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