Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology 3rd Edition

By Jane Dobson, Duncan Lascelles

Manual of canine and feline oncology third edition

In this well established Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology 3rd edition, we have sought to marry the best of the old with the new. A selection of new international authorities in fields of oncology have updated or rewritten the majority of chapters, with a view to making this new edition even more practical and user-friendly whilst keeping the content at the forefront of veterinary oncology – reflecting some of the significant advances in this field over the past 8 years.

The overall layout of the Manual remains the same, and will be familiar to those who have been using the second edition in their practice. However, the rapidly changing field of veterinary oncology demands that this Manual reflect the dynamism of the subject and the increasing interest in the subject in practice. Get More: Manual of Canine and Feline Gastroenterology 3rd Edition

The first few chapters (on making a diagnosis) have been rearranged to be more easily applicable to practising veterinarians. Additionally, new to this edition, we have included the very important discussion of ‘When to treat’, including discussion of the interplay between therapy, quality of life and euthanasia decisions. Vital to the success of cancer therapy are the principles of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and areas of nutrition and pain management. These chapters remain and have been thoroughly updated and expanded.

There has been a significant amount of new information produced since the last edition regarding treatment modalities for various tumours. Accordingly, the chapters dealing with oncology of various body systems have been carefully updated, with new information highlighted, again guiding the clinician to the most effective therapies. Throughout the Manual, we have tried to illustrate the chapters carefully, with appropriate and clinically useful tables, flow diagrams, drawings and images.

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