Manual of Avian Practice A Foundation Manual

By by John Chitty, Deborah Monks, Year 2018, FileType: PDF

Manual of avian practice a foundation manual

Authored by vets with experience in all aspects of avian care, this manual is an essential tool for those in general practice who do not often see birds. Subjects including anatomy and physiology, husbandry, behaviour, examination, surgical techniques are covered in detail; common presentations are also dealt with in individual chapters.

  • Includes Quick Reference Guides
  • Informative and detailed appendices
  • Clinical signs-based section, exploring particular conditions in detail

The Manual of Avian Practice A Foundation Manual consists of two parts. The first section provides an overview of biology, husbandry, anatomy and nutrition, along with clinical techniques such as radiography and anaesthesia. The second section of the manual focuses on clinical presentations.

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Clinical signs in birds are rarely, if ever, pathognomonic and these chapters provide a logical approach to the more common presentations seen by practitioners. The exception is the chapter on infectious diseases, where the emphasis is on recognition and specific pathogen testing, as well as prevention and control of the spread of disease.

We are extremely grateful to all the authors for their invaluable contributions, as well as to the Woodrow House publishing team for their help and support during the production of the Manual of Avian Practice. We would also like to thank our families for their forbearance and patience during the writing and editing of the book.

As editors, our approach was simple: we asked authors to write the chapters from the perspective of their current experience and knowledge, yet utilizing the tools they had when first starting in practice. However, new technologies and specialized techniques cannot be ignored, so the authors have alluded to those where appropriate. More advanced knowledge can be found in the companion volumes to this title, namely the Manual of Psittacine Birds and the Manual o f Raptors, Pigeons and Passerine Birds.

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