Large Dairy Herd Management 3rd Edition

By C. J. Wilcox, H.H. Van Horn, Year 1992, File Type: PDF

Large dairy herd management 3rd edition

The ADSA Foundation is pleased to announce that after untold hours of work by a dedicated group of 171 chapter authors, 18 section editors, and 73 external reviewers, under the leadership of Dr. David Beede, the third edition of Large Dairy Herd Management (e-book) is available for purchase.

This edition was developed to help meet the growing information needs of dairy farmers, service professionals, and students worldwide. It brings peer-reviewed dairy science and management information to users in an accessible, easy-to-use format. The e-book includes 97 chapters in 15 sections.

The Foundation’s primary motivation for developing and publishing this third edition was to gather in one place the most up-to-date, comprehensive, science-based collection of management information for large dairy herds. Because today’s dairy markets are truly global for producers in developed countries, this volume has a global scope, especially as it relates to on-farm practices that are or will be essential for participation in world markets.

These requirements continue to be driven by social, consumer, and market demands. This new edition has broadened scope, with sections addressing dairy sustainability, especially as it relates to environmental challenges; characterization of some social and economic challenges and opportunities for dairying in a more global context; a deliberate emphasis to embrace a systems-based approach to management in many chapters; comprehensive coverage of the differences and nuances of herd management in different types of large herd systems—grazing, organic, automatic milking, as well as confined housing; direct emphasis on animal and herd welfare as an essential management feature and a future requisite for participation in global trade; and finally, a section on the rapidly developing area of precision management technologies. Get Now: Bovine Medicine 3rd Edition

This edition is intended to be an international reference and textbook on dairy production and management. It provides cutting-edge information for 3 critical categories of people: progressive dairy farmers developing, expanding, or improving management of large herds; professional dairy advisors (consultants)—typically individuals with significant background and expertise in one or more areas who seek more knowledge and expertise in related areas of dairy management; and finally, and perhaps most importantly, upper-level university students, for whom the textbook can serve as a resource across multiple courses, topics, and disciplines of dairy management and science. The Foundation has committed to helping the next generation by setting a relatively nominal student price for this third edition.

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