Kyra’s Canine Conditioning 1st Edition

Kyra’s Canine Conditioning 1st Edition

by Kyra Sundance, Year 2019, File Type: PDF

Kyra's canine conditioning

Kyra Sundance’s widely popular Canine Conditioning workshops are now available in the palm of your hand, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and photos. Learn innovative ways to work with props such as hoopsballsinflatables, and ladders as your dog improves in five components of fitness: flexibilitybalancestaminacoordination, and strength.

Physical fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Keeping dogs fit and healthy can increase their lifespan and limit vet visits as they get older. It reduces the risk of sports-related injury, joint problems, and arthritis. Dogs who are conditioned and healthy tend to live happier and more playful lives.

Exercise benefits a dog at every life stage. Puppies can improve their coordination, confidence, and mental focus while senior dogs can work on their strength and balance. Foundations of Wildlife Diseases PDF Download

Kyra’s Canine Conditioning Workshops
Kyra’s world-renowned books and dog training programs reached over a million people worldwide. An athlete herself, Kyra’s passion for canine fitness led her to develop the widely popular Canine Conditioning Coach workshops which instruct dog owners on correct, safe, and enjoyable techniques for improving their dog’s fitness.

Now, you can get this same knowledge in the palm of your hand, with this book.

A Guided strategy of Conditioning
This book is split into four levels of increasing difficulty. Each level builds upon previous skills with exercises that have been vetted to be effective and safe. Learn innovative ways to work with props such as hoops, balls, inflatables, and ladders as your dog improves in five components of fitness: flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, and strength. Step-by-step instructions and photos are easy to follow and to execute.

Give your dog a new leash on life and turn the page to fitness!

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