Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy PDF

By Robinson, Narda G., Published: 2016, FileType: PDF

Interactive medical acupuncture anatomy pdf

Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy PDF, Awakening to acupuncture as neuromodulation permanently transformed my teaching and practice. In contrast to the early days of my acupuncture education, when I hungrily consumed and dutifully assimilated the belief systems required to adopt an energy-based viewpoint, I am no longer willing, nor ready, nor able to accept that acupuncture works through mystical, spiritual processes.

Acupuncture then becomes more accessible, predictable, and sensible. Knowing which nerve pathways to target and why constitutes the cornerstone of noninvasive neuromodulation with acupuncture. Starting at the acupuncture point, one can follow a nerve’s centripetal course to the spinal cord, autonomic centers, and the brain. The nervous system’s responses to scientific medical acupuncture and related techniques thereby become clear, as fact replaces fiction.

Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy PDF, This presentation uses anatomically precise, computer-generated reconstructed images of the human body for three-dimensional presentation of acupuncture points and channels. The CD component is fully interactive and allows the user to see through tissue layers, remove tissue layers, and rotate structures so that specific acupuncture points can be visualized in relation to their surrounding nerves, organs, and vessels. The accompanying book provides full color anatomic drawings and detailed information regarding the physiologic basis for acupuncture, which will be useful in conjunction with the CD.

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