Insects as Animal Feed, Novel Ingredients for Use in Pet, Aquaculture and Livestock Diets

by Heidi Hall, Elaine Fitches, Rhonda Smith, Published: August 2021, FileType: PDF

Insects as animal feed, novel ingredients for use in pet, aquaculture and livestock diets

The global drive towards sustainability and improved animal health means there is a greater need for development of novel functional ingredients for the feed industry. As the requirements for protein for livestock feed and human consumption grows, the use of insect products as animal feed has gained increasing attention. Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition 1st Edition

Covering global production systems of insect protein, oil and chitin, as well as co-products from this industry, this book:

  • Considers in-depth nutritional and safety aspects of insects for feed.
  • Reviews suitability of insects as feed for different animal species and life stages.
  • Examines current knowledge of the value of insect-rearing residues as biofertilizers for crop health.
  • Identifies the challenges related to regulation, legislation, consumer perception and acceptance, and commercialization of insects.
  • Provides interviews with established and early-stage innovative companies producing insect protein for feed.

Including a focus on practices such as waste valorization, this book takes a holistic look at how insects could contribute to the sustainability of livestock production on a global scale. Providing an up-to-date reference for research scientists, nutritionists, and veterinarians, as well as prospective insect farmers, it will also be of interest to those with a broader curiosity towards climate change, sustainability, and the circular economy.

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