In Touch, An Introduction to Canine Massage

In Touch, An Introduction to Canine Massage

by Julia Penistan, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF

In touch, an introduction to canine massage

Many of my clients are surprised to learn that as a child, I was afraid of dogs – all dogs – and gave them a very wide berth. We were a cat family, and later a pony family; dogs were highly suspect. Until my recently widowed mum adopted a thoroughly undisciplined dog from a local actress who was going on tour for the winter. It was her or euthanasia and my mum couldn’t take that responsibility.

Massage my dog??? You bet!  In Touch,  An Introduction to Canine Massage is for everyone from pet owners who want to connect with their dog, to performance owners who want to maintain their dog between professional sessions.  It will help owners and handlers offer a gentle massage, learn how to feel for an injured muscle, and know when to ask for veterinary help.  In 126 photographs and very accessible language, this book covers the basics of when and when not to massage, how to read a dog’s body language, find the bony landmarks of the dog’s body, learn a safe massage and apply calming acupressure points.  All to help dogs and their people stay In Touch. Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog 1st Edition

At that time, animals were largely regarded as things and property, insensitive and certainly soulless in the eyes of the masses. Animal physiotherapy was in its infancy, Chiropractic and osteopathy were only for extreme cases in extreme sports and very difficult to find a practitioner; doctors were gods, people were dissuaded from taking responsibility and actions for their own health, alternative practitioners and animal communicators were quacks, and massage for animals unheard of (or laughed at! – and yes, we’ve come a long, long way, baby!)

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