Handbook of Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound: Techniques and Differential Diagnoses Second Edition, Body systems can only respond to disease or injury in a limited number of ways and therefore it is often impossible to make a specific diagnosis based on a single test such as radiography.

Handbook of Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound 2nd Edition

Handbook of small animal radiology and ultrasound techniques and differential diagnoses second edition

Successful interpretation of radiographs and ultra sonograms depends on the recognition of abnormalities the formulation of lists of possible causes for those abnormalities and a plan for further diagnostic tests if appropriate. This handbook is intended as an aide men wire of differential diagnoses and other useful information in small animal radiology and ultrasound in order to assist the radiologist to compile as complete a list of differential diagnoses as possible. Schematic line drawings of many of the conditions as well as normal anatomy and variants are included to complement the text.

The authors hope that this book will prove useful to all users of small animal diagnostic imaging from specialist radiologists through general practitioners to veterinary students. However it is intended to supplement rather than replace the many excellent standard textbooks available and a certain degree of experience in the interpretation of images is presupposed.

The book is divided into sections representing body systems and for various radiographic and ultrasonographic abnormalities possible diagnoses are listed in approximate order of likelihoods including those due to normal anatomical variation and technical or iatrogenic causes. Conditions which principally or exclusively occur in cats are indicated as such although many of the other diseases listed may occur in cats as well as in dogs. Infectious and parasitic diseases which are not ubiquitous but which are confined to certain parts of the world are indicated by an asterisk and the reader should consult the Table of Geographic Distribution of Diseases in the Appendix for further information. Details of radiographic technique (including contrast studies) are included and guidance on ultrasonographic technique and a description of the normal ultrasonographic appearance of organs is given.

This second edition of our book has been expanded considerably with much extra information about techniques and normal anatomy many new differential diagnoses more detailed description of many of the diseases included updating of the Table of Geographic Distribution of Diseases and expanded Further Reading sections. An addition to the Appendix is a section on digital radiographic film faults which is reproduced with kind permission from the journal Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound. New illustrations by our artist Debbie Maizels are included to add to those from the first edition drawn by Jonathan Clayton-Jonesf and we are indebted to them both for their excellent diagrammatic reproduction of the radiographs and ultrasonograms.

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