Guide to Raising Chickens 4th Edition PDF

Guide to Raising Chickens 4th Edition PDF. Chickens were on earth long before humans and still have the same basic needs they always had — food, protection, and procreation. Unlike the jungle fowl from which they derived, domesticated chickens have become dependent on humans to help fulfill those basic needs.

Guide to Raising Chickens 4th Edition PDF

Guide To Raising Chickens 4th Edition PDF
Over the millennia, different breeds developed in different areas for different reasons. As a result, today’s breeds range from those that are tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand to those that are so tall they come nearly to your waist. Colors and patterns range from solid red, white, blue, or black to speckled, striped, and laced.
The feathers might be long and thin, short and wide, or furlike and may appear not only on the chicken’s body but also on its feet like a pair of boots, down its legs like trousers, beneath its beak like a beard, on the sides of its beak like a mustache, or on top of its head like a fancy Easter bonnet.
All of this diversity among chickens and humans gives rise to an incredible diversity in our purposes for keeping chickens, how many we keep, the breeds we choose, and the methods by which we shelter and maintain them. For this reason, no one can tell you the one right way to raise chickens, or offer you an established blueprint for keeping your own flock. The best anyone can do is explain the needs of fowl, offer possibilities for fulfilling those needs, and let you pick and choose the options that best fit your particular situation. And that is the goal of this book.

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