Guide to Equine Clinics Equine Medicine 3rd Edition PDF. This booklet is a quick reference guide for common problems encountered in Equine clinics. These problems are outlined in table form for quick reference.

Guide to Equine Clinics Equine Medicine 3rd Edition PDF

Guide To Equine Clinics Equine Medicine 3rd Edition PDF

This is a must for students in their senior year; and will help the horse owner understand his horse and veterinarian. The Guide to Equine Clinics is a quick reference guide for veterinarians and veterinary students. It should be especially helpful during the senior year in clinics.

Fashioned after Heidi Tschauner’s Senior Veterinary Student’s Guide to Small Animal Clinics and a direct continuation of The Guide to Bovine Clinics, it should help assess cases quickly until a more thorough reference can be located. This is not meant to replace reference texts, but to encourage the use of other references by keying each condition by page number to commonly used veterinary texts. During my veterinary education no teacher hinted how valuable The Merck Manual was for getting a handle on veterinary medicine. Board certified professors or those studying for board certification probably want the student to read the latest journal article on each condition. Admirable, but students don’t have the time to search the journals and can carry The Merck Manual.

Susan Pasquini, my wife, typed her junior veterinary school class lectures on a portable computer. I then tightened them using the different veterinary texts, including The Merck Manual, Smith’s Large Animal Internal Medicine, and Equine Medicine and Surgery. Susan would proofread and correct the charts as she studied for tests. This summer we have been revising & correcting for her senior year.

The key to learning is reading as many texts and articles on each condition over and over as you take care of an animal with the condition. Time constraints make this impossible; and students often only have time to read about the cases assigned to them. The mini indexes at the start of each chapter allow quickly finding conditions. The outline format allows a quick review of each condition. At the minimum read the guide for each condition seen by all the students. The Merck Manual or Manual of Equine Practice by Rose and Hodgson are small texts that bring you to the next level. Then, when there is time, read the other texts referenced in the guide. Every day as long as the case is in the clinic skim the condition in the guide.

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