Fundamentals of Veterinary Microbiology

By Andrew N. Rycroft, Published: 2024

Fundamentals of veterinary microbiology

A compact and accessible guidebook exploring current understanding of common bacterial and fungal pathogens of animals.

Fundamentals of Veterinary Microbiology brings together knowledge and understanding of the bacterial pathogens of animals from disease signs and diagnostic methods to the molecular basis of the host pathogen interaction. A small but focused book, it enables the reader to access important information during diagnosis and treatment in a clinically relevant way. Suitable as a companion for study on the subject and for professional use, the author focuses on the more clinically common diseases at the general and first-referral level.

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Divided into three sections, the first covers the basics of bacterial microbiology such as structure, growth and genetics. The second examines the commonly encountered bacterial pathogens, with emphasis on current understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of infection and immunity. The third section explores the current state of knowledge of those fungi involved in infection of animals.

Specific topics covered in Fundamentals of Veterinary Microbiology include:

  • Nutrition, sterilization, and disinfection of bacteria, bacterial genes and gene transfer, pathogenicity and host response, and vaccination
  • Antimicrobials (action, dynamics, and resistance), typing and identification of pathogens, fungi as agents of disease, Salmonella and E. coli in animal disease and public health
  • Pathogens transmitted by vectors such as Borrelia, those of endogenous origin such as Clostridium and Pasteurella and those able to spread widely such as Leptospira, Mycobacterium and Chlamydia
  • Fungal pathogens causing superficial, subcutaneous and systemic mycoses

Fundamentals of Veterinary Microbiology is an essential resource for veterinary students, veterinary nurses, and veterinary practitioners worldwide, allowing them to quickly establish a foundation of knowledge of bacterial pathogens based on clear understanding gained from studies over recent decades.

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